Martial Arts Research and Testing Laboratory

Engineer and improve your combat response at our dedicated scientific martial arts research facility, either online or in person. Improve your fighting abilities including power, striking force, speed, stability, maneuverability, fitness, reaction times, accuracy and strength through our specialist training programs and biomechanical assessments. Track your improvement through the testing and performance tracking services that we have on offer.

Our services are for all martial artists regardless of your system or style. We are not here to teach you our system of martial arts, we are here to help you optimise yours. Bring your favourite techniques. We will perform a biomechanical assessment, test the techniques scientifically, and offer you training advice on how to improve them.

We offer the following tests and services:

  • Striking Characteristics
    Receive objective quantitative measurement and analysis of your striking power, speed and force to significantly improve your combat effectiveness.

  • Reaction Speed and Precision
    Determine and track your response and reaction speeds for striking and blocking. Assess and improve striking accuracy.

  • Dynamic Stability
    Through quantitative measurement and tracking, improve your stability under loading, static stability and core stability to ensure that you are able to produce and re-direct forces efficiently.

  • Transitional Maneuverability
    Test and track your maneuverability both on your feet and on the ground to optimize your combat response.

  • Physical Condition
    Measure and track a broad range of combat specific physical attributes including fitness, endurance, flexibility, jumping ability and pain threshold.

  • Applied Strength
    Measure and track your combat specific strength. Accurate measurement of upper and lower body isometric limit strength and pushing force.

  • Research and Development
    Consultancy and design services for coaches, martial arts schools and organisations. We can assist in the development of performance testing procedures and equipment tailored to your unique requirements.

See your numbers. Improve your numbers.

Using combat specific KPI testing and tracking, we can support and assist you in reaching your full physical and mental potential. Whether you are a martial artist, a professional combat sport athlete, into gym and fitness, or just want to know how hard you can hit, our services will benefit you.
To make objective scientific key performance indicator testing services for martial arts and combat sports available to everyone. We offer a transparent, confidential, professional service that is affordable to the general public.
Who We Are
We are professional martial artists and self defence experts as well as accredited coaches, scientists and engineers dedicated to testing combat performance where the rubber hits the road. We are not exercise physiologists. If you want to know what your blood lactate level is, go to an exercise physiologist. If you want to know how effective you will be in a fight, come to us.
KPI measurement and tracking has long been known to improve physical performance. Up until recently, very little has been available in terms of KPI measurement specific to the fighting arts. Technological advances and our own innovative tests and equipment have changed all that.
Martial Arts
Our two primary assessors are the SiFu and head of a system of Kung Fu in Australia, as well as the head of a system of self defence in Australia and a top ranking Tai Chi and Kung Fu instructor. Their combined martial arts and physical training experience exceeds four decades.
As well as being a martial artist and self defence expert, our research scientist comes from a background in the applied sciences with experience in the lab and in the field. She has completed a postgraduate certificate in Sports Coaching through the University of Queensland with distinctions. She will shortly be commencing a Research Masters in Sports Science specialising in martial arts.
Our research and development engineer is a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland and a Chartered Professional Engineer through Engineers Australia. He is an inventor and innovator with several successful patents to his name.
Research and Development
We are driven to explore martial arts in its entirety from a scientific perspective. Our unique combination of interests, professional qualifications and skills allow us to identify what needs to be tested and to develop equipment and methods to do so.

Our Specialties

We punch above our weight

Our expert level assessors are not just martial artists with decades of experience between them, but are also  heads of fighting systems in Australia and are highly qualified engineers and scientists to boot. They are able to assess your performance through a combination of scientific observation, technological monitoring and a wealth of first hand understanding and experience in martial arts and self defence.

Meet our team

Focused, professional, friendly and driven to help you to take your performance to higher levels than you would be able to achieve using conventional training methods alone.
Sherrilyn Walters, Doctoral Candidate (Sport and Exercise), MSCR, BAppSc, GradCert Sports Coaching (Martial Arts)

Performance Assessment, Scientific Research

SiFu Lester Walters, CPEng, RPEQ, MEPR (Electrical), BTech, Cert III Sports Coaching (Martial Arts)

Performance Assessment, Research and Development


  • Hays Daewoud

    Managing Director of ACE Martial Arts Australian Combat & Exercise Pty Ltd (High Performance Testing)

    "within 6 months on our program we have measured 100% improvements in punching power. Mate. The strikemate is a beautiful device. Love it" From the Strike Reasearch website, developer of our PowerKube device (
  • Dr. B.J. Packham

    Director for Australasia Hanshi 9th Degree Black Belt – Kudan

    "You’ve created something that's been lacking for the martial arts community for so long. Of course there will be those who might find the thought of having some of their cherished claims put to an unbiased, quantitative test somewhat daunting!" From the Strike Reasearch website, developer of our PowerKube device (
  • David

    "This is exactly what I needed. A sensor that lets me see things I could not before." (from the Loadstar website, developer of our Loadstar Boxing Kit -
  • Rick E

    "Brilliant tool! Helped me refine my technique, improve my punches and reduce injury risk." (from the Loadstar website, developer of our Loadstar Boxing Kit -