Martial Arts Research and Testing Laboratory

MARTEL is a scientific research facility that is dedicated to investigating the martial arts and their profound relevance in terms of improving human health and performance.

To that end, we are actively engaged in research projects in association with various universities. Some of our collaborations involve work with the University of Southern Queensland (UniSQ), Griffith University, and Southern Cross University.

As a direct result of these investigations, we have been able to develop new and novel training programs utilising specialised human performance measurement equipment, novel feedback methods and biofeedback equipment. Some of our training programs and methods are currently being considered for military training application.

Our primary focus at MARTEL is human martial performance research aimed at the development of training protocols and training equipment to holistically enhance the human element. We support large clients such as the military, law enforcement and other first responder organisations that demand high performance metrics from their personnel. However, we also offer key performance indicator measurement, high-level training management, and performance tracking for private individuals.

Our primary goal and focus is on enhancing human health and performance, both physical and mental. We accomplish this through targeted research projects, training protocol development, technological advancement and innovative biofeedback systems. We hope to ensure human relevance and advancement by stimulating conscious and directed adaptation and evolution.
Who We Are
We are professional martial artists, self-defence experts, accredited coaches, scientists, and engineers dedicated to applying technology and the scientific method to pushing the envelope of human performance in a holistic and constructive way.
Human performance measurement and tracking has long been known to improve physical performance. However, up until recently, very little has been available in terms of performance measurement specific to combat. MARTEL has leveraged existing technology in new and innovative ways to develop unique test methods and equipment to address that shortfall.
Martial Arts
The owners and primary science and engineering staff at MARTEL are also highly skilled and experienced martial artists. Our head R&D Engineer is the head of a martial arts system in Australia, while our head research scientist is a top-ranked martial arts instructor. Their combined martial arts and physical training experience spans over 5 decades.
As well as being a dedicated martial artist and self-defence expert, our head research scientist comes from a background in the applied sciences with comprehensive experience in the lab and in the field. She has completed a postgraduate certificate in Sports Coaching and a Research Masters in Sport and Exercise Science (Specialising in Martial Arts) through the University of Southern Queensland (UniSQ) with distinctions in both. She is currently completing her Research Doctorate through UniSQ.
Our research and development engineer is a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland and a Chartered Professional Engineer through Engineers Australia. He is an inventor and innovator with several successful patents to his name.
Research and Development
We are driven to explore martial arts in its entirety using the tools that the sciences provide. Our goal is to bring to light training methods and develop technologies that can help to enhance human performance and improve the human condition. Our unique combination of interests, passions, professional qualifications and skills allow us to pin-point areas of special interest, develop equipment and methods to investigate those areas, and perform in-depth scientific research to enhance our understanding of human performance.

Meet our team

Focused, professional, friendly and driven to investigate and improve human performance.
Sherrilyn Walters, Doctoral Candidate (Sport and Exercise), MSCR, BAppSc, GradCert Sports Coaching (Martial Arts)

Head of Scientific Research, Science Presentation, Performance assessment

SiFu Lester Walters, CPEng, RPEQ, MEPR (Electrical), BTech, Cert III Sports Coaching (Martial Arts)

Head of Engineering Research and Development, Training Program Development, Performance Assessment.