State of the art equipment and testing procedures to take your performance to the next level

The PowerKube

The PowerKube is a device which measures the power of a strike based on the motion of an accellerometer under constraint by a known compressive resistance element. It provides three values which can give the user a good indication of the type of penetrative kinetic energy and power that they are able to generate in their strike. The three values are Compressive Energy, Speed Power and a composite value called the Franklin made up of the previous two units with industry-governed weightings. The Franklin is a popular unit within combat sports which is used to represent striking power.

The Loadstar load cell (Boxing Kit)

The Loadstar Load Cell is an industrial load cell mounted on an aluminium plate with an aluminium strike face covered in padding for use in measuring striking force. Load cells are used in industry to measure static or dynamic force. The software package used to interface with the Loadstar load cell produces a very precise and high-resolution graph of applied force over time. All of the raw numerical data produced by the load cell is saved to a spreadsheet for all official tests. The load cell can sense forces up to over 7kN (1600lb or 725kg). The Loadstar load cell is used to measure a range of human force-based KPIs including striking, sustained isometric strength, stability and core strength.

Isometric Short Bar

The Isometric Short Bar is a short lifting bar which is fitted with adjustable chains and used in conjunction with the load cell to perform various isometric strength holds and tests.

The High-Precision Timer

The High Precision Timer (Multi-Timer by Industrial Equipment and Control IEC Melbourne, Australia) has been designed for accurate laboratory experimental work and has a very high resolution of 0.1 milliseconds which allows very accurate and precise measurements of the time component of human movement.

The Speed and Precision Station

The Speed and Precision Station is a prototypical device developed specifically for MARTEL in order to test reaction, response and accuracy. At its heart, it is essentially a simplified wooden dummy similar to those used in Wing Chun and other forms of traditional Chinese Kung Fu consisting of a central striking pad and an upper and lower arm. That's where the similarity with tradition ends, however. It is fitted with sensitive tactile microswitches, capacitive touch sensors, a visual indicator light, a high-frequency counter and ports to connect to the high-precision timer. The central pad is fitted with a sensitive microswitch which only responds to strikes that fall in the target area. The upper and lower arms are fitted with capacitive touch sensors on either side which respond instantly to human touch. Any of the on-board switches or sensors can interface with either the on-board counter or the high-precision timer. It is used for a range of measurements of human martial movement including striking speed, accuracy, strike reaction and response times and block reaction and response times.

Speed and Precision Station Activators

Several activators are sets of switches used in conjunction with the Speed and Precision Station and High Precision Timer to activate the visual indicator light, event counter and start or stop the timer.

Jump Pad

The Jump Pad is essentially a large, flat, instantaneous push-button used to measure various plyometric jumps. It is supplied with a port to connect to the high precision timer. When the Client's body leaves the Jump Pad, it sends a signal to the timer to start timing. When the Client lands, the Jump Pad stops the timer. This time measurement is used to calculate jump height but is useful on its own as a measure of “air-time”.

Hand-held force gauge

The hand-held force gauge is a high-precision mechanical force sensor which can be used to sense both pushing and pulling forces up to the equivalent force exerted by 50kg in mass. It is used for a range of measurements including some of the resisted stability tests and pain tolerance tests.

Hand Dynamometer

The Electronic Hand Dynamometer is used to measure isometric grip strength. It provides an output in kilograms and can measure up 90kg of force.

The Sit and Reach Block

The Sit and Reach Block is a board which folds out of the wall and which is provided with a graduated scale in centimetres and a foot-stop. It is used to perform the Sit and Reach standardised flexibility test.

Our primary goal and focus is on enhancing human health and performance, both physical and mental. We accomplish this through targeted research projects, training protocol development, technological advancement and innovative biofeedback systems. We hope to ensure human relevance and advancement by stimulating conscious and directed adaptation and evolution.
Who We Are
We are professional martial artists, self-defence experts, accredited coaches, scientists, and engineers dedicated to applying technology and the scientific method to pushing the envelope of human performance in a holistic and constructive way.
Human performance measurement and tracking has long been known to improve physical performance. However, up until recently, very little has been available in terms of performance measurement specific to combat. MARTEL has leveraged existing technology in new and innovative ways to develop unique test methods and equipment to address that shortfall.