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Get accurate data on your current performance at any time or regular performance tracking to get the most out of your training.

Test Options:

Comprehensive Baseline Testing:
Recommended for new clients to establish a baseline performance on all tests. All tests included - $250

Category Packages:
Recommended for regular clients who are interested in tracking a particular category or combination of categories. Choose from one of our six categories of tests. All tests in each category included. $50 per category.

Design your own Package:
We cater to clients from all backgrounds including traditional martial artists, combat sports athletes and a wide range of sports and fitness enthusiasts. You are all different and have different interests and priorities. Combine any 4 tests to create your own package for $50, or choose individual tests for $20 per test.

Test Categories:
Striking Characteristics Reaction Speed and Precision Functional Stability
  • PowerKube - Accelerometer based strike power measurement with resistive element.
  • Loadstar Boxing Kit - Maximal force of your strike.
  • Continuous Striking Rate and Force - Waveform analysis showing speed of strikes and force.
  • Response Speed - Strike
  • Response Speed - Block
  • Reaction Speed
  • Speed Accuracy (choice of strike)
  • Static Stability
  • Stability Under Loading
  • Stability While Pushing
  • Core Stability
Transitional Maneuverability Physical Condition Applied Strength
  • Ground to Standing Test
  • Ground Movement Test
  • Illinois Agility Test - Running obstacle course
  • Disorientation Test
  • Pain Threshold Test (optional)
  • Expletive Test - Combat specific fitness test
  • Jump Height Test
  • Plyometric Pushup Test
  • Sit and Reach Test - Flexibility
  • Grip Strength Test
  • Isometric Mid-Thigh Pull
  • Isometric Pushing Strength Test
  • Isometric Bench Press
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Our primary goal and focus is on enhancing human health and performance, both physical and mental. We accomplish this through targeted research projects, training protocol development, technological advancement and innovative biofeedback systems. We hope to ensure human relevance and advancement by stimulating conscious and directed adaptation and evolution.
Who We Are
We are professional martial artists, self-defence experts, accredited coaches, scientists, and engineers dedicated to applying technology and the scientific method to pushing the envelope of human performance in a holistic and constructive way.
Human performance measurement and tracking has long been known to improve physical performance. However, up until recently, very little has been available in terms of performance measurement specific to combat. MARTEL has leveraged existing technology in new and innovative ways to develop unique test methods and equipment to address that shortfall.