Note that this test is performed on a concrete floor with no padding or mats in place. The Client should be familiar with ground movement on hard surfaces before attempting this test or injury could result. Confer with your trainer and GP before attempting this test. This test is a modified version of the Illinois Agility Test to be performed using ground movement instead of running. A line of 3 cones are distributed on the floor with a distance of 3m between them. The Client starts from a standing position at the Speed and Precision Station with their hand in contact with the lower arm capacitive switch. As they are ready to attempt the test, they remove their hand and begin movement to trigger the timer to start. As soon as the test begins, the Client goes to ground and must complete a three-loop circuit around the cones without coming to their feet. ie. Only roles and ground movement is allowed in this test. No low running etc. In addition, the Client cannot touch or knock over a cone. If the Client comes to their feet or touches a cone, the test is marked as a failure and the Client is given only one more opportunity to complete the test. Once the circuit is completed in accordance with the rules, the Client must roll back to the Speed and Precision Station, get to their feet and strike the central pad to stop the timer. The results from this test yield a time which can be used as a measure of the Client’s ground movement effectiveness.